Overcome Initial Resistance

Rocked up at a place a few Monday morning’s ago and almost immediately qualified out.  Not only was it little more than a trade counter selling tools, so not my target market at all, but the fella in charge, Frank, said that no appointment was in fact arranged, and he was too busy etc etc.

Trying to rescue something, if only pride, we got chatting about the punter he’d just served as I waited beforehand.  Having already taken £500 from him, Frank then tried to sell a socket set from a stand on the counter for “£8.50 plus vat – a tenner for cash”.  (£10 being the amount anyway).  The customer laughed and ridiculed him for even trying to push something so gimmicky.

I asked Frank if he’d sold any before.  His response was that he would get the guy to take one, as although it was indeed a bit of a gimmick product, it offered £15 worth of product for £10.  When I asked how he’d sell it, he laughed and said “put it on his invoice!” and then said, “it’s what selling is all about isn’t it, you encounter initial resistance and then overcome it” which is a great attitude.

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