Overcoming Boondocks Mentality

I learnt a new word yesterday; boondocks.  A pal of mine’s started selling in America, and when cold-calling (if they ever manage to get past the evil voicemail culture!) the fact that they’ve been successful worldwide appears to cut little sway.  Apparently, being big in England means little, as over there’s simply the ‘boondocks’.

This apparently means something akin to being stuck out in the sticks, as I would say, with you verging on being a yokel, years behind the times, or the outback if you’re an Aussie.  I find boondocks defined on the web as ‘backwoods: a remote and undeveloped area’.

My mate’s getting frustrated, and is waring prospects down with names of well-known businesses that operate in the US they have as customers elsewhere around the planet.

His current close is one of those fun ones; “if after 10 minutes you don’t think it’s the best thing you’ve seen, then we’ll leave you in peace”.  Yet yanks are quite negative with him, responding “I’m not unopposed to that idea”!

So much for being seekers of innovation.  This century will not be theirs, and they probably don’t even realise it.

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