Penalty Precision

In S Africa for the World Cup at the moment my main focus is on keeping out of the storms and how to avoid my natty St George wing mirror covers being pinched off my car.

Over four years ago, I blogged about how missing a stone can aid sales success, and just today, I read how psychologists recommend you score a penalty; you ignore the goalie.

Luckily, this wasn’t news to me (I never had a competitive pen saved. Never.) but it does add more weight to the argument that focusing on a problem only enlarges the loom of that problem. Better to think of the solutions, or the vacant areas of goal-line if you will.

I was also intrigued to see confirmation that raised anxiety rates are detrimental to success. You are in control. And it pays to remember so.

One point not considered in the article, is that when I took pens, I got into the habit of staring into one specific corner, subtly making a point of taking aim. I ensured that the keeper spotted this. I then always drove into the other corner. The keeper always dived the other way. One-nil.

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