People Like Packages They Don't Like Effort

“People like packages, they don’t like effort”

A line thrown my way the other day. By a technical buyer.

It brought to mind the debate I’ve often had to grimace through.

Modules versus Bundles.

You think of the b2b equivalent of the restaurateur’s A La Carte against Prix Fixe set menu.

Trying to create your own perfect dishes when buying can be daunting. Fraught with the worry of missing something vital out, or paying over the odds for something you never needed.

The more fussy/aware purchaser could always mix ‘n match. Swap mushrooms for an extra slice of bacon.

And who isn’t interested in what the most popular combos are?

The best ‘packages’ go beyond mere product. They include ‘service’.

This is where many a premium tech seller can really start to distinguish themselves.

Varieties are many.

Quickstart, Platinum, Premier, Entry, DIY, Comfort, Classic, Latest, Spring, Year-end.

Label as you need.

How many exclusive for your patch can you create from your price book?

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