Pitch For Arena Gig Arms Race Encore

There’s an arms race in arenas.

Global superstars determined to outdo ‘rival’ artists with ever more grandiose, bank-busting, boundary-smashing concert wizardry.

I learn this via the latest piece of bbc U2 pr.

Thankfully, there lay within a little Sales nugget;

London stage design studio Stufish Entertainment Architects CEO Ray Winkler – whose clients include Madonna, Lady Gaga, Take That, Beyonce & U2 – always asks his clients the same questions:

What is the story that you want to tell?
What is the emotive arc of the show?
And then, what are the means we can use to deliver that?

This feels eerily familiar to me.

There’s a big new selling presentation brewing.

The sizzle of the surrounds grabs the opening bars.


You ought let rest any such bells and whistles aside at the start.

What is your story that you want to tell?

Any music you make builds from there.

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