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Table from the print edition of Jan '23 US mag of tech newness reach, Wired.

It playfully shows what is now supposedly hot, over what is decidedly not.

Particularly liking the triple view.

As these kinds of thang tend to stick with the yesterday-today axis, it struck me as quite tricky to add an extra 'era'.

Which made me think that this would more standout in the minds of prospects.

Especially as visually lending itself so neatly to a typical landscape orientated projected slide.

Can you pull off similar in your potential client's world?

Here's my first-pass effort. Angled towards my current endeavours. In the eyes of those open to seeking my help. Trying to construct more than I'd eventually need so could whittle down through later editing and remixing.

Repbot Chatbot Robot
Chalkboard Virtual Whiteboard Glass Wall
Sales Video Calls (finally done properly) Sales Video Calls Sales Video Calls
Prompt Engineer Prospect Whisperer Trusted Advisor
Cold-Calling LinkedIn Slide into DMs
PsyOps RevOps SalesOps
Algorithm Patterns Hunch

How much might something like that get your prospect talking away?

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