Positive thinking mini-mantras

I get to see training sessions of my customers fairly regularly. Most of which aim to have the impact Tony Robbins enjoys when smiling at himself in the mirror (what terrific teeth) yet end up having the sales uplift you’d enjoy if you gave your nearest competitor the wink on your best leads. One such client engaged in a touch of externally run training recently, and when one attendee, Mark Rushton, sent me a list of lessons learned I was initially sceptical. Yet it may just be that, like with all self-help, you only need take on board one mantra that resonates with you to make an improvement – what do you think to these?

  1. Success is predictable – you just have to find the clues
  2. Pride is the main reason people do not ask for help
  3. You can’t do anything in your head without it affecting your body – and vice-versa
  4. We naturally induce states of mind in others – don’t be a ‘mood hoover’ be a ‘mood booster’!
  5. Think about the POSITIVE in all situations
  6. You become the person of your consistent thoughts
  7. Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself
  8. The barrier to being successful is not something that exists in the real world; it is purely and simply composed of our own doubts about our ability
  9. The best teacher is the customer
  10. Try not to prejudge others – see it from their point of view and understand their fears and concerns
  11. You can’t outperform the way you see yourself
  12. The quality of a persons life can be measured in the quality of their communication with themselves and others
  13. The quality and understanding of the message is measured in how it is received – not how it is sent
  14. The person listening works a lot harder than the person talking
  15. Be an ALL DAY person – not a morning or night person

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