Powerpoint Twitter Tips

Can you guess what it is?

Nor me.

Still, at time of blogging (just over a year after first appearing) it was Powerpoint‘s official twitter account profile banner image.

I wouldn’t normally hold high hopes for such endeavour.

Add the Microsoft hand into the mix and such expectations plummet.

They’ve gone for a feed of mainly insider feature tips in the form of OBS-style stream screen capture clips.

I’m happy to report some seem worth their minute-or-so runtime.

For instance, I don’t mind admitting (*monkey-covering-eyes* emoji) I was glad to re-try native screen recording.

Yet the account as a whole misses so many a trick it is a shame.

Random in-house expert video is fine. Pro tip examples from the field would be so much better.

Preferably following some kind of logical progression.

After all, there are literally millions of supposedly merrily grafting away users you might reasonably imagine would appreciate community betterment.

When engagement is attempted, incredibly it has the feel of the bot.

And if you think that’s bad, wait to you read ‘its’ comment responses.

One other grating issue, is that the pinned tweet promotes such an indistinct listicle, it is surely a travesty of the twenty years of its supposed author’s experience.

Whilst a ten minute scroll down this thread may provide a new piece of usage, it lacks the human touch.

This brings such a relevant point for our business room slidedecks.

Picture this feed as a presentation.

We can do this, we can do that.

Sound like one of yours?

Now imagine; ‘Alex says this’, ‘Ash says that’.

For ‘says’, switch in any of wants, likes, sees and a myriad of other options.

Inject personality, meaning and conversation.

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