Pop Promo Meeting Room

From my occasional series of Sales scenarios spotted in pop music videos. The above screenshot is of English artist, James Blake.

Apparently on the comeback trail. Which this 90sec prelude skit pokes fun at.

He's in the kind of meeting which we may well recognise. The pitching of ideas. In this case, coercive.

If he were on a video call, that's not too bad a backdrop. Given the typically overcast local sky behind and window blind, he can get away with daylighting not beaching him. Especially as he probably has spotlights of all sorts facing him off-camera.

The meeting room set-up is fairly typical.

Interestingly done in a corner room too.

Remembering that I'm not such a fan of this configuration for multi-person videoing. [As seen with this recent sample.]

That table needs to be broken up or reshaped so that four of five people could do a hybrid from there. And don't forget to tilt the big screen if dialling in solo. Cleverly using the Rembrandt angle [aka The Vincent Van Gogh] from one of the front two seats as-is.

The line between parody and reality is unsurprisingly blurred. Given the long held view of A&R idiocy. From track record littered with dictating to, misleading and milking of the talent. Here with the promo flack advising word salad rubbish with the delivery of yer typical life coach scammer. Revelling in anointing themselves as being the best 'algorithm shagger'.

With an office devoid of anyone as (un)seen through the glass wall divider.

Which doubles up as reminding us that such reflective background doesn't put us in best light if choosing similar for a video call ourselves.

If you want to your creativity, wisdom and success to bleed into those with whom you meet over video by a kind of zoomscape osmosis, then curate that space to those very ends.

Given that this particular outfit would if real undoubtedly pride themselves as such, the lack of visual reinforcement cannot go unnoticed. Ensure your video call participants are not greeted with similar blandness.

I Told Ya.

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