Presentation Statements

I was helping someone with a couple of slides the other day.

In essence, they were a list of statements. Each one listed a fact, or the impact of that fact.

This is probably the biggest reason why people switch off during presentations.

The instant a new slide appears, people read the entire list of bullets in a nano-sec. They think they know everything about what you’ll say straight away. They tune out for the next few minutes until you click the next set of statements into view.

There is a simple way around this. And it doesn’t mean reverting to only revealing each bullet one at a time. Instead, it allows you to generate genuine interest in your message.

Turn every statement into a question.

If you see you’ve written a list of five statements, try changing them into five questions.

This one quick and easy discipline alone will always hold your audience’s attention way longer than a mere list of facts.

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