Preventing Dissatisfaction Dip

A sales guy at a customer of mine articulated this issue to me beautifully the other day.  A relationship proved to be healthy by the placing of an order for our wonderful piece of kit can deteriorate without us knowing post-sale.  Setting expectations whilst prospecting can prevent this. 

Guiding the customer through their upcoming experience in detail can enable our relationship to stay on track.   The ‘user’ receives initial installation, basic usage guidance, proper training, and is then left with a manual.

The ‘dissatisfaction dip’ is where a week or two after all this, memory naturally fades, so at best only (say) 40% of all the instruction can be recalled.  Frustration can all so easily set in.  They know they’ve forgotten something and realise they need to delve deeper into the manual for themselves, but are reluctant to do so.

Don’t let this develop into such a ‘dissatisfaction dip’, otherwise they’ll resort back to their old ways of doing things.  Tell them all of the above, then say “This is the time to give me a call” and future sales will be yours.

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