Sell Money At A Discount

Everyone is familiar with return on investment (RoI) selling.  The principle is simple, buy and you’ll either save yourself cash unnecessarily being wasted at present, or make money many times over what you paid from extra opportunity.

I find myself constantly referring to RoI when I’m pitching, as I tend to tell long stories about the results clients enjoy from my services.  Yet I’ve just realised how ‘old hat’ mentioning RoI could possibly be.

This is because I just came across a phrase that replaces saying the term RoI.  Instead, you can talk about how you are “selling money at a discount”.

In days of yore, accountants hoped to get a return on something within a period of years.  Nowadays, any purchase is under real pressure to deliver money back instantly.  Talking about how your, for instance, ten grand offering can bring extra revenue of five k a month, means the sixty grand more sales over the year will have only cost ten, so that’s selling money at a discount.

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