Product Placement

In the aftermath of yesterday’s UK Budget, here’s a neat piece of PR using photoshop-style trickery.


It alters the traditional image of the Chancellor holding aloft his famous Red Box. In this case, instead “George Osborne shows off his on-trend Comme des Garcons polkadot purse”.

This got me thinking about a cheeky slide or two you could produce along similar lines. Imagine taking a well-known scene and inserting your product. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a computer graphics graduate to mash two images together, even using Micorsoft’s Paint.

A couple of recent films I’ve watched on telly provide inspiration for these ideas to kick-start our creative juices.

Could you replace the obelisk that man’s ancestors marvel at during the start of 2001?


What could Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway flirt over rather than their chessboard from the original Thomas Crown Affair?


Iconic movie scenes are a worthy and endless source to plunder. I think these are better suited to an internal presentation, or at the very least an informal audience you know very well. If you’ve the time, I’m sure they’d help add memorability to your message.

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