Project Implementation Memorandum

This grandiose title relates to a doc appreciated by a particular business funder. I get the impression it is for endeavours that have gone past the ‘prototype’ stage, yet are still to fully understand a comprehensive business plan.

After a meeting with them recently, they kindly provided a checklist of what such a doc should cover. I found it fascinating. I’m always interested in seeing different perspectives on what business plans (and similar style sales docs) need to show.

The expertise involved here has over 17 years personal exposure within managing projects, so holds wonderful insight into what kind of planning makes for effective execution. I suspect that some of their nine categories could be readily adapted for sales proposals in general. Rather than the full explanation, the headings alone should be enough to trigger ideas:

  1. Introductory Overview
  2. Macro-Economic & Social Context
  3. Sponsor Info
  4. Regulatory Issues
  5. Market Viability
  6. Operational & Technical Management
  7. Financial Projections
  8. Economic & Development Impact
  9. Risk Analysis

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