Prospect Pattern Personalisation

The power of that little extra something tailoring your Proposal to your prospect cannot be overstated.

I’ve blogged before on how original photography from around their world in a presentation or as a graphic can make a big hit. Even though such imagery can sometimes prove tricky to obtain without causing a ruckus.

I’ve also experienced success using snaps of distinctive coffee mugs, stationery and outward window views specific to particular staff involved.

Above is another example of making that touch of effort to stand out.

It is presented here in my Video Calls That Sell palette, but you could colour in any way that helps your cause.

The isolated motif is from a pattern found on the fabric of a recently traversed reception’s sofa.

Simple to replicate.

And straightforward on which to apply your meaning of choice.

You could even place a title word or phrase or number on such slide too.

And promise that you’ll gain more recall from doing so. Perhaps that vital scintilla more, giving you the edge.

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