R2R; Salesrep To Salesrep

Following on a touch from yesterday’s blog, we talked internally some more about the issue of overcoming the “no info” wall you can ridiculously encounter when trying to pre-qualify with hypocritical switchboard gatekeepers.

Shock, horror, it seems my guys have even done it themselves to cold-callers.  Notably with those calling them up and trying to grab their mobile phone contract upgrades.  The initial line is akin to “…your regular courtesy call about your now eligible free upgrade” and comes not from the network provider, but some sharking firm that have come across your details at a car boot sale.  The response that ends the call effectively is, I understand, “I’ve just upgraded with [Orange/T-Mobile/O2/Vodafone/3] direct, thanks.”

The tactic that circumvents such barriers in a B2B solution selling environment, is to get put through to sales.  It’s amazing how much you can glean from a “salesrep to salesrep” conversation.  Saying “we must do similar jobs”, “I wonder if you could be a prospect…” and “let’s see if it’s worth me dropping the big cheese a line…” informally can nail the true opportunity.

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