Recommendation Tips From Grumpy Food Trucks


Cape Town’s up and coming Woodstock.

I happened upon The Lotus Food Truck.

My two previous experiences of food trucks had been from two extremes.

Meiseis, run by the delightful Marley in the same town is excellent.

Jeff’s Hot Dogs at the embarrassing Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham was a shocker. Owner Jeff thinks it fine for you to wait 45 minutes then give you grief about asking the simple question on what to order.

Back to Lotus. I wondered which pole might apply.

The portents were grim.

me: What you got?
lotus: The menu’s down there.
me: Where?
lotus: Round the corner.
me: Jeez. You don’t know your menu, hey..
lotus: I’m tired of repeating it.
me: What! How about this, mate. . .
Yeah we do loads of great far east food but today’s winner is the Chang Mai Noodles. Fancy that?

lotusfoodtruck menu

Then he woke up.

And suggested the pork belly rice bowl. Which was excellent. But then, so was Jeff’s eventual hot dog. But I’d only go back to Lotus.

lotusfoodtruck porkbellyricebowl

Only four items and can neither trot them out nor focus on one recommendation.

Granted it doesn’t happen every time in our solution world. But prospects do seek guidance on what you as the seller think they ought most take from our stable.

I often have a bit of fun when buying myself by asking what someone’s best seller is.

I’m ashamed to say I am rarely offered up anything remotely resembling a worthy, conversation encouraging answer. Umms and arhs prevail. ‘Don’t knows’ don’t sell.

What would you recommend from your ‘menu’? How would you phrase it? How would you justify it? What conversation would follow…?

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