Record-Breaking Teen Tennis Sensation Sales Tip

Wow. The first player ever to reach a Grand Slam Final – Men’s or Ladies – as a tournament Qualifier.

At a mere eighteen years of age too.

Who else feels that marvel of recognition, tinged with a hint of self-under-achievement?!

Almost as incredible, is the fact that English-raised Emma Raducanu plays a fellow teenager for the title. The practically ancient nineteen year old Canadian (although only two months the elder), Leylah Fernandez.

Also marking the very first time (in our 1968-onwards Open era) any Major tennis Final sees both Championship contenders being unseeded players. As well as the astonishing world rankings going in to the event, of distant No.73 Leylah up against Emma even farther out at 150.

Also noteworthy is the turnaround from being labelled mentally frail by vocal media hogging detractors after her recent Wimbledon wildcard Fourth Round meltdown.

Apart from any potential drive to show such knockers how wrong they were, it seems she adopted a change in mindset. Clearly evident in her epic run this fortnight.

Perhaps bizarrely, she name-checked serial semi-final-choker Tim Henman as “big inspiration”.

Her immediate courtside remarks in the glow of final-reaching victory (90secs into this impressive stint at the mic);

“…he’s been helping me, telling me to treat one point at a time, and in moments like this, you definitely can’t get ahead of yourself and you really need to just stay present”.

I’ve blogged before how elite tennis players attempt to stave off being derailed by a bad shot, point lost or unhappy incident and ‘stay in the present‘. Other sports use a similar mantra; ‘stay in the now‘.

This can relate to selling from the very beginning to the very end. And all places in between.

Do you dwell on the ignorant, glib dismissal of a gatekeeper or suspect hidebound, in denial or deliberately dancing around an issue?

Do you start spending your commission prior to the paperwork appearing?

What I admire about this ‘treat one point at a time’ calling, is that it can directly map onto our process.

That winning, repeatable pattern of events that pre-determine our success.

We too must secure each point.

Think of a tie-break. First to seven wins. Interesting, as there are hardly any true such selling formulae that have more than seven elements. You could extend the tennis link, and take the six games needed to win a set if you have a sextet of levers that must be pulled in your favour to prevail.

Some steps can be done in parallel. Sometimes there’s no reliance on a particular order. Yet these stages will exist. World-class, sector-leading Sales efforts know them. Seek to define them. And then constantly refine them. Can you emulate Emma and rise through yours?

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