Red Thread Selling

For some they’re considered interchangeable. Yet is it a touch contrary or too much of a stretch to say a red thread is the communications hue of what a golden thread is to overall business togetherness?

A golden thread the cultural values that bind those in a winning corporation; red thread the central attribute to glow from all messaging?

Gold geared to an outward goal; Red akin to the blood pumping inside, underneath the skin powering things unseen?

When it comes to info intended for potential clients, I like red threads that demonstrate the likely customer experience. The emotion generated when working with the supplier. What’s involved, expectations, effort-reward.

It seems to come from phrasing meaning a consistent or common theme. Although it’s etymology has many possible sources.

Outward comms impact most when there’s a core theme. both tying all messaging together and running through each.

Perhaps part of an evolution to the business school Statement platform which began with Mission. Saw the layer added of Vision. Then the nutshelled extra of Commander’s Intent.

The golden thread shining through your selling could be what the eventual customers will get out of buying. The hard nosed facts. Cool chinking cash. Tangibles. When the buyer is later asked (or forced) to justify their purchase, the figures that prove they made a good call.

So the red thread coursing through your selling might then be how the prospect can expect to feel during the partnership with you. The ambitions you help them achieve. Their headaches you soothe. Happiness smiled.

Are your transactions with prospects allowing these to flow? Golden Threads in this context are (hopefully) multiple. Abundant. Flooding your conversation. Red Threads though may well keep below the radar. Intangibles they might be, but they make all the rest possible.

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