Regrets, I've Had A Few...

Here’s a cheery thought. Reminiscent of 2013’s famed five regrets of the dying.

Apparently, ‘eight in 10 people believe their lives would be better if they had taken more risks’.

(Wonder how the remaining one in five felt..?)

I learn this as a brand of peanut asked a consumer research company to survey 2,000 people in the UK, to discover we fritter away 110 hours a year lamenting what might have been.

Those lost, potentially soul-crushing, energy-sapping two hours each week likely involve their found top five regrets;

Not saving more when younger
Not keeping in touch with old friends
Not taking the plunge in a romance
Not travelling when life involved fewer responsibilities
Not pursuing a better-paid job

If these are a sibling of failure – and remember, kids, failure is not the opposite of success, it is the stepping stones to success *winking emoji* – then are they the turbo-charged, hyper-drive, nitro fuel of future great calls?

And if so, then surely there is a buyers’ parallel?

Not buying sooner
Not considering on-costs over day one costs
Not meeting the implementation team
Not separating value from price
Not committing sufficient resource

They’re simply one set of suggestions. Generic to solution sale bids.

Yet, and this is the key here, you can frame these specifically in the light of your competition. Surreptitiously pitting their alleged strength as a weakness you deliberately avoid. As well adding any anti-fret morsel which neatly justifies your price premium,

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