Related Angel Truths

A friend of mine went surfing for insight into the often murky world of Angel Investors. Apparently, there are over 300,000 such individuals in America alone, and according to the same site that stated that fact, there are three Angel-related “Bitter Truths”.

  1. More than 80% of all businesses are failing to secure investor funding
  2. In many cases, a business plan is rejected within 2 minutes
  3. A lot of investment opportunities are far better than the business plan outlines

Hold a mirror up to these, and you could say that these hold true for many a solution sales pitch, especially when adapting the line underneath which reads “don’t let your business plan scare away investors”!

They aim to provide a soothing remedy. It announces itself in the form of a how-to guide site. If this is your kind of thing, then there maybe some tips you can pick up for your initial pitches from their (at my time of blogging) 25 free-to-view articles.

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