Remember to talk 'DHA'

I do like that House episode where the eponymous misery’s forced on a date with Allison Cameron.  Before the big event, House gets advice from his pal James Wilson.  And sweetly it has a cool reminder for first-time sales meetings.

As House moans about the uselessness of performing ritual small talk dances, Doc Wilson explains the drill; compliment her appearance before moving onto DHA.

Dreams Hopes Aspirations.

I speak to people heading up sales teams all the time.  We’re always discussing some pressing need they have right then and there.  Yet I hardly get to talk about where they’re headed.  I do try, yet these days expectations of tenure are such that people are considered freaks if they stick it out in the same leadership role at a company for longer than even a couple of years.  Getting the conversation onto this kind of subject is a real winner, as at the worst it should help pinpoint the number one aim for the fiscal year.

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