Rip Up Next Year

Here’s something I picked up the other day.

Involved chiefly in account management, a chap I know in the knowledge industries is tasked with both keeping revenue streams alive with specific clients, as well as growing them.

He feels that intimacy is his greatest competitor lock-out.

So, before each Christmas, he speaks to his customers along these lines;

Let’s book in a meeting for early in the New Year.

Let’s talk about how you are going to rip up next year. Make it an amazing year.

Let’s get all your high hopes out and see how we can make them happen.

We can also look at what we did well this past year, and what we can do better next.

The main thing is, making sure your top plans can be realised.

Something like that.

And what do you think happens?

All his clients jump on it. They’re desperate to talk about where they want to go. They immediately fix up a full-on meeting for one of those quiet post-New Year blues days. The supplier remains a partner. A valued partner. Intimacy is maintained and both parties flourish.

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