Roaring Back

From the Yale Professor that brought you the finding that “moods spread like ripples through friends”, comes a coronavirus pronouncement.

Recovery will come.


Yet Winter sure is long, hey.

The message comes from clickbait pr of ‘social epidemiologist’ Nicholas Christakis’ latest book, Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live.

For 24hrs, even the pop-colossus that is dailymailonline had him as their 3rd-top news item.

‘Keep an eye on the finish line’.

Moving on from their focus of the more salubrious aspects, other reporters looked to the business re-awakening.

Despite precisely how and when seeming to be sticking points, there is surely something in this for us solution sellers and our potential clients.

He predicts spending will soon be back in the blood. With gusto.

Trend-hopping cash-in or proven historical cycle re-playing out?

Well. I know octogenarians that have had their first jab.

Inoculation of the most vulnerable truly underway.

Surely a platform from which to spring?

The author believes we’re a good twenty-four months from a resumed normality.

At whatever speed we travel towards such semblance, there will be a lengthy period of crepuscular activity.

A twilight during which we can choose to either ramp up activity and prepare, or wait it out in the shadows.

I know which I’ll be doing. And I’m sure it’ll make the new dawn immeasurably brighter.

What will you do between now and 2024?

Even those on furlough (covering their bills, without the need to, you know, work, whilst the office is shutdown) can take advantage of this suspended animation. They are permitted to both work for someone else and receive training, should they wish.

Forget, if you can, the worrying mantras of The Great Reset and Build Back Better.

Gather your ideas.

What ‘bounce back’ products and services can you craft?

R&D in your ‘spare’ time can come from ‘free maintenance’ training with specific existing clients.

Everyone has tech or general kit, but can they use it better? Surely a training program ranging from new function instruction through to full process coaching, can offer small refreshers through to big ticket overhauls.

What message to the world do your potential clients wish to portray when the uptick starts? How can you align with these desired values?

How will what you provide unleash its true benefits and real value when the majority of contact will become online? Including huge chunks over video? These channels and systems can be set up and explored now. Someone that pays you will be happy to act as a guinea pig right now. Find them.

I’d hate to see you miss out on riding the oncoming ‘tidal wave of excitement’. So act now.

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