Rock Your Presentation Nigel Barlow 2016

I saw a dog-eared copy of this in a bargain bin. A fate befalling too many a Sales volume in bookstores? Anyway, as there’s precious few good tomes on presenting style and thumbing through the text-heavy format didn’t inspire, thought I’d rather check it out online.

The screengrab uptop shows six tips as presented like from his youtube ads.

The central premise is to compare a presentation to a favourite song.

How do you make your talk feel like an electric live musical performance?

There’s not a great deal to digout on the web, but from the odd promo clips, there are surprisingly a couple of decent ideas for the general sales presenter.

The disappointment was that the title of the book isn’t really quite what the author delivers.

Still, here’s half-dozen such components duly curated;

get the dna of your message into your ‘opening bars’ (& turn into a ‘chorus’)

start strongly by drawing audience in with something like a provocative question or an aspect of their world, their reality

what makes you energised about the subject (& release your ‘inner nerd’) may well get your audience enthused as well

don’t speak at your audience at the pace you might when saying a telephone number quickly

lose any abstractions – his own example has promise, when talking about “developing innovation culture in organisations” he paints the picture of building a garage, just like where many famed silicon valley giants began

never finish with a Q&A – it drains the room of atmosphere generated beforehand, instead end with a ‘call & response’ for instance or repeating your ‘chorus’

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