Sales Email Management: A Solution?

Watching Sky News Sunday afternoon I was alarmed to watch a piece explaining that the average worker wastes 49 minutes every day on email management.  In addition, a recent anaylst reckoned that interrupting your current task in response to a new email alert creates 4 minutes of disruption.

Fascinated by this, and in recognition of how long it can take me to craft a response to a mail from one of my customers/prospects, I hit the web and searched for email management advice.  And the best I found is from Mike Davidson.  Click through for his full analysis, where he gives a terrific example of how to respond to all mails.  It looks like a tricky discipline to embed, but the fruits are clear to see.  In essence he advocates replies of just 5 sentences.

There’s a ton of excellent stuff in blogland on this, including how you can structure such a mail (“explain who you are, what you want, why you should get it, and when you need it by”) and what “Emailarrhea” means.  I’m keen to try this out and I reckon it would benefit my customer comms a great deal….

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