Sales FactorX

Yesterday's musing on using the power of X-factor language on a bid sparked a related idea.

Feel lobbing in one of those words beginning with 'x' might represent for your audience a bit too much of a lean into casuistry (like use of that word here...)?

Then perhaps a less challenging technique could be found at the opposite end. Done through a suffix of 'x'?

How might words ending in 'x' work for our space?

Thankfully, the Definitive Oxford English dictionary helps here with pronunciation.

So as is the fashion for appending or swapping a new suffix to denote a neutral grammar gender not previously explicit in English, could we maybe use the term for an opportunity yet to define itself to us?

Could that label be sellx? (Pronounced 'sellks'.)

Or any other such term see similar evolution. Qualification -> qualix? A function who's applicability is yet to be determined could perhaps be fnx, spoken as 'funks'? Urgency driver yet to present, said as 'urjunks', aka urgentx?

Link this to other recent uses for an ending 'x' as a variable placeholder. Where at some point an alternative name might get subbed in for your 'x', and you've a potential Sales angle to help propel you too.

Contemporary examples include TedX and SpaceX, building on the trope of such as Brand X and Ingredient X.

Can the wonders of language evolution give you an edge and allow your sale to also deservedly, happily live its best life?

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