Sales X-Factors

A (whisper it) marketing exercise I did lately involved thinking of words beginning with 'x' that could apply to Sales.

There are it seems, no more than 400 words in total under 'x' in the dictionary.

These appear mostly obscure scientific labels.

Yet on closer delving, there's a sufficient handful that can make for an interesting mini-slot in an internal sales meeting. One which can be fashioned to make any number of main point possibles stand out for you.

How about this selection (most starting with a 'z' sound);

xenagogue; a guide; someone who conducts strangers, or in our realm, in a win-win sense properly guides buyers

xenia; gifts to a guest or guests, & xenial; relating to hospitality - both terms which could relate to corporate ents and presents (including for post-sale loyalty)

xenic; denting the presence of bacteria, aka where the bug of contamination afflicts our bid, whether from within the prospect or an outside competitive force

xenocracy; government by a body of foreigners, which for our purposes may well mean the decision we require is in reality made by others far, far away from where our prospect currently resides, and seems closely related to xenogenous, meaning due to an outside cause, which our deals could be readily vulnerable to

xenology; the study of alien biology, as many a competitor or new sector may prove...

xenogamy; cross-fertilisation, of both our ideas and for cross-selling initiatives

xesturgy (also xsturgy); a long-lost term from 1592 alone, meaning 'the process of polishing' which could be where a need requires some buffing up by you and/or your allies prospect-side

xi; the Greek letter also spelled 'chi', now universally known as pronounced, shee, with as hard an 's' as you can muster, mainly due to the current evil dictator's name at the helm of the Chinese Communist Party sharing the spelling and, as the disgracefully 'captured' WHO proved when not using said Greek letter in the corona variant names when its turn came around, can be now used to describe anything who authorities, elites or the autocratic may wish to ignore, suppress and sweep under the carpet ... as in, 'where's the xi?'

xiphoid; sword-shaped (also the name of small sternum cartilage which hardens into bone as we age) which could help describe a feature, benefit or value of true note rather than the trad magic bean, bullet or arrow - note too another option, in that apparently an ancient Greek spear was called a xyston

xray; also written x-ray, for when we need to see the bones from the meat, get forensic, & note too xography, namely a photographic process for producing 3-D images

xylite; a volatile liquid, think any person, process or program that is 'liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse'

postscript :: I built on this vibe with my next day's riff.

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