10 Money Life Buying Life Tips

I tend to find these types of listicles dubious. Add to that the angle of financial socialisation and there's often a recipe for disaster. So 'hodl' on.

As it must be Summer, This Is Money decides to offer up a lifetime personal finance 'how to' guide:

1. Learn to budget and save a rainy day fund

2. Learn to love compound interest and returns – start small, save early, and save regularly

3. Invest over the long-term – and learn to love compounding even more

4. Buy things that last and are worth the price

5. Before you buy or invest, ask why is this person trying to sell this to me?

6. Save and invest but enjoy the money that you can afford to spare

7. Borrow carefully and wisely – and pay it off

8. Be generous when you can afford it

9. Your power to earn is the thing most likely to make you richer

10. Don’t be afraid to take some risks, but do be prepared for things not going to plan

Any of these ring true for you?

The reason it struck a Sales chord with me, was that on first skim, I felt half of these could be lifted - pretty much word for word - to help our bombarded buyer make shrewd(er) choices.

Numbers 1, 4, 5, 8 & 10.

Take this a step further. Might you argue that if a buyer does not share in accepting, embracing the validity of these then are they really our buyer? Aren't we better off not wasting our precious time with them? Moving on to those with whom we bond closer over such driving forces?

I thought about how you could use this 'top ten' to work out how your prospect, culturally and procedurally, views procurement.

Their own 'investing' outlook.

Imagine you're firmly ensconced with someone wanting your wares, but they must seek approval from elsewhere.

A common conundrum.

Suggest you get a feel for how they 'buy'.

Show them this list.

Ask them which may or may not drive their organisational buying decisions.

Get a good handle on it all.

Even use it to open up their toolbox. Find other levers too.

And if they share the traditional Enterprise solution mindset - such as that pursuing value over price - then map onto that with vigour.

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