Sales Trainer Do You Wannas

Tell someone you bump into you're a salesperson, what happens?

The odds are the reaction is less than ecstatic.

Tell that new acquaintance you're a sales trainer, and it's likely that's put the mockers on any chance of 'rapport'. Even worse should you claim status - as does this guy - of guru.

Well, that's the lay view at any rate.

So I came across a sales trainer and his homepage pitch video. In his first sentence telling you of his 30 years experience. Going on to tempt the viewer with 'fifteen hundred' online video courses to guarantee - nay, with his personal guarantee - the person parting with their cash success. In Sales and in Life, no less.

I wept inside.

There's a whole bunch of these self-styled selling personalities.

In the mould of a Tony Robbins on their Pacific Island down, whatever merit they may hold, whichever angle their original kernel of focus may have proved worthy, wherever their actual Sales advice may have some validity, in the main I find them problematic. To say the least.

Considering much of my three decade long selling has involved teaching the goodness to those in need, this pains me greatly.

Perhaps the loudest issue is one shone by the potential collective noun for such vendors.

A Ponzi of sales coaches? A bravado of? An all-mouth-and-no-trousers of?

When combined with the track record of 'internet marketing' swindlers, it's hardly surprising the trade gets such a bad snake oil rep.

You'd think that this rotten core would allow the ripe, tasty, unblemished apples to prosper.

If only...

The odds shamefully stacked weightily against.

By way of example, my professional curiosity led to me suffer the aforementioned five minute pitch.

I select below his kind of need-creation, attention-grabbing, interest-piquing trio;

Do you wanna be more valuable in the marketplace?
Do you wanna make more money?
Do you wanna have a competitive edge in the marketplace?
     If so ...


For me, anyone that preaches on the premise of 'make more money' is to be avoided. Similar to the old saying that whilst you should strive to surround yourself with sages, it is just as well to walk away from idiots. And this guy appears to fit in this latter camp. Swerve.

I'd step farther too. If you're the kind of person that is attracted to such pitch, might I gently suggest you consider a re-framing.

The above Do You Wannas will not bring you the optimific outcome you yearn.

By way of coincidence, around the same time I also came across this person below. Gaining followers due to tweets stating taking a startup - including a swift early change in what he sought to deliver - in just twelve months to the vaunted ARR of US$‌1m.

In my eyes, this portrays the folly of chasing cash for cash sake. Always better to solely seek accomplishment through solving a problem, and the monetary regards will automatically flow. I'd add; process over outcome. Every time.

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