A [Blank] of Users

I've touched on adapting the concept of collective nouns within Sales a couple of times down the years.

2009; examining their use to self-label your team. 2016; inside the context of broader internal messaging.

After recently enjoying her Sales-related 'words of the day', I was later delighted to happen across said wordsleuth noting her favourite 'top ten' collective nouns.

I think we can all conjure alternative settings for such descriptors as a misbelief, superfluity or unkindness in our professional lives.

Away from painters, the cloistered away or avians, we encounter groupings which we can also classify.

Moving beyond us and our clansfolk, what about prospects and customers?

Who are your core personalities? Chief Exec through to janitor. Department by function. Skillset by responsibility.

What binds them, across all the organisations you know?

The kind of problem they share. The one you uniquely resolve. How it afflicts them. Where it comes from. The havoc it wreaks.

The solution they can enjoy. The one you uniquely unleash. How it is made visible. Where it so nicely soothes. The rewards it brings.

There are doubtless lovely words for any of these.

A frustration of finance officers.

A screwdriver of IT managers.

The mushroom of marketeers.


A release of coders.

A reliability of deliverers.

The clarity of chief execs.

Fashion your own, and you can gain both prospect buy-in, as well customers willingly spreading the good news.

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