Sales on Easy Mode

Commercial opportunity is currently claimed to narrow. Post-lockdown blues, 'strongmen' sabre rattling, and inflationary supply chain constrictions bite down hard on economic conditions.

Not to mention the generational chance spurned for structural reform in the GFC aftermath of 2008 seemingly coming home to roost.

Is this the reason behind the phrase 'life on easy mode' feeling like it's spiking right now?

One interpretation of this label is it describes a life lived without fear of consequence. Enough money and/or power to not give a monkeys. Reprisal-free thought and deed.

Another though, I sense has greater meaning than as mere bumper sticker for the present-day Global Elite illuminati.

To play on easy mode is to feel like you've unlocked a secret. Discovered a hack. Use cheat codes.

Many seasoned players look down on easy mode.

Points made on it don't count, they say.

Yet the progress still matters.

It struck me that pretty much everyday I talk with solution sellers in effect about 'selling on easy mode'.

The problem for us is there are no actual shortcuts. A fact borne out by the legion of online 'gurus' pitching exponential sales increase from their one-liner magic tricks. Spoiler alert; they spout rubbish.

Yet our path can be smoothened to the wonders we wish to plunder.

In a much more believable, real and attainable manner.

From my currently three decades immersed in solution selling, I can confidently state I've experienced what easy mode settings actually are.

Perhaps the top two fundamentals are qualification and process.

My definition of these may not be ones you are used to hearing though.

It staggers me almost daily how so many salespeople chase deals that they're not going to win, are outside the boundaries of repeatable business and whose benefit is far outweighed by their cost.

The more lasered your qualifying out discipline, the more productive your success will become.

It further bewilders me how so few sellers genuinely know what their sales process is.

Most that try articulate it run through what is basically a funnel description. The steps taken sequentially during a bid. Often akin to the gateways among a string of crm of tabs or the stipulations of a huge sales methodology training outfit.

Again, the very tag 'process' has for me become the issue here.

As when I talk of it - as useful in their right place as the aforementioned can be - I do not mean any of that.

I refer to the pattern of events that when in train, virtually guarantee you prevail. In a sustainable fashion.

Hands down the best sellers I've encountered truly get this. To be self-aware is to win, again and again.

Pattern recognition is wrapped up trendily nowadays within the realms of algorithms.

In which case, your formula for stellar success is your own sales algorithm.

[This theme of sales algo I must return to.]

Lick both these qualification and process pillars and you too will unleash the delights of selling on easy mode.

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