How Freed Social Media Bird Might Help Our Persuasion

World's Richest Man buys _____.

Fill-in your own blank.

Personal Plaything? Power & Influence? Status Symbol?

Elon Musk pays (apparently well over the odds?) for Twitter.

Give 'im his due though, the "sink in" stunt pic of said new owner walking into its head office, carrying a pristine white ceramic bathroom sink, is a gem.

Of this protracted musk de kerfuffle media, social and beyond, has erupted.

Seeing the vast morsels of mini-deepism, I realise I can select a mere trio by way of seeing how we might use any emergent wisdom on our pitching.

Advertising is not spam, it's content

Under the heading 'Dear Twitter Advertisers', his actual quote; "low relevancy ads are spam, but high relevancy ads are actually content". Suggesting society is better off when prospective vendors inform rather than bombard potential buyers.

Rage is the sugar of the American mental diet

From a former editor of The Atlantic magazine, Benjamin Carlson. Bemoaning blanket and tenuous extraction of a story's ultra-combustible flashpoint.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, what no one's entitled to do is invent facts

From free speech fundamentalist and professional provocateur, Piers Morgan. In part explaining how his treasured right should not suffer false conflation with the abomination of hate speech and fake news.

Let's riff on how these might be remixed for our world.

One where we acknowledge differing views exist. And by doing so with empathy, position ours as that which can be considered, more attractive, or even compelling.

Our business case is not aspiration, it's results

Delay is the sugar of the decision-averse diet

Everyone's entitled to their own timing, what they're not entitled to is maintaining a destructive status quo

Any good?

Sure you can build on these templates. And likely better these starters too.

Yet as in the new controller's own words, 'the bird is freed', approaches like these may well move the cage door of your prospect's acceptance ajar.

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