Sales Pursuit Software

Another addition to the sales software/crm space, this time from Entelegen.  Their blurb on what they term ‘sales pursuit’ software was eventually fascinating, as it says what every sales person already knows; crm is rubbish ….. but we wish it wasn’t.

They have a six-point pitch built around sales team best-practices.  The first two almost led me to bin their glossy (don’t rob reps of time & focus on full chain of sales effort) but on persevering, found these four gems, startling in their admission:

  1. Avoid analysis paralysis – don’t worry about how another department might be ‘touched’ by what you plan, as if you do you’ll lose your job as nothing will happen
  2. Face reality – “you can’t automate sales forces”, they don’t do repetitive tasks, they distil complex info
  3. Build a winning methodology – build a repeatable sales process that captures the info your top performers grab as they advance deals
  4. Motivate and serve the user – dashboards that show performance in obvious graphical ways are the winner as reps are target-driven

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