Sales Idol

Of interest to anyone in the UK that sells, would you believe it, there’s now a pop-idol-meets-big-brother-cum-survivor-stroke-apprentice style reality tv show for us in the offing.  Under the snappy headline Commission Impossible, there’s an application form to fill in to help get whittled down to one of eight that appear on the telly.

Beware though, as applications close on 15 June, so not long to go.  In addition, there are 15 questions that require some creative thought.  From my professional standpoint, my favourite question is “How would you sell a glass of water?”.  Feel free to comment away your pitch 😉

As happy as I am to see selling promoted on primetime tv, I have obvious reservations about what’s forthcoming.  Judging by the questions, you can only infer that the producers are after highly and aggressively competitive people, that’ll back-stab, stitch up, sell their granny and generally behave in underhand ways to provide ‘compelling’ entertainment from human misery and conflict.  So I suspect ‘selling’ may lamentably take a back seat in proceedings, especially given the rather transparent question on the form “What are your trade selling techniques and how low would you go to ensure a sale or are you always honest?”

Anyway, at the very least, I relish seeing what sales ‘tasks’ they get the contestants to perform and gleefully report back!

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