Sales Ransomware Patch

Who could be next?

This weekend the most enormous, indiscriminate ransomware attack yet made global headlines. Those caring souls at Microsoft yet again leaving their customers exposed to extortion of Bond villain proportions which can now, it seems, be unleashed by teens in their pyjamas as well as organised or even state-sponsored criminal gangs.

It struck me that selling endeavours encounter their own ransomware infiltrations with regularity.

Dastardly competitors will leave all kinds of traps for the unwary opponent to get clamped into.

They may trail ludicrous claims for their upcoming game-changing imminent model. Suggest all is not well in our State of Denmark. Hypnotise the prospect into thinking that little feature which we shy away from with reason, is in fact the deal-breaker and how lucky that they have it instead.

So how do you ensure you’ve a patch in place for these or any emerging threat?

Structured objection handling practice is something I seldom see in corporate salesteams. Let alone any in depth – and critically, ongoing – discussion about a particular, odious new one as it crops up in the field.

The latest deal-locking danger can emanate from many a place. A flag-placing competitive win. An install of ours gone slightly whiffy. A spiralling cost or price.

Despite the efforts of ‘knowledge management’, sales department attitudes to this are patchy themselves. Have you got a true procedure that first uncovers, then addresses and finally monitors success against the threat? From informal ten minutes at each sales forum, to a fully fledged sales ops resource on the case, a solution is out there and needed.

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