Sales Time Management “To Don’t-ing”

We all know what a To Do list is. Whether we write one down, tap it into our crm, use some freebie web or google app to hold it, or keep it in our heads, there’s always a ton of priorities and things to do.

Yet here’s a challenging assertion from prolific business author and speaker Tom Peters.  It’s the To Don’ts that are more important.  If you can focus on what you shouldn’t be doing, you’ll free up more time to be effective in the things that matter, the things you’re measured on.

When coming across this I could already hear reps sighing ‘why am I doing this report?’, ‘why am I working on this account?’, ‘why should I fill out this form?’, ‘why am I stuck in this meeting?’ and ‘why I am involved in this post-deal fire-fighting?’

But beware, he reckons this skill is tricky, as explained on slides 53 & 54 on his pdf.

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