Salesman's Favourite Colour

Way back in the 90s, I remember supping a couple of cheekies after work one day with a group of my fellow sellers. We happened upon declaring that every salesman had the same favourite colour; red.

As a result, because we were selling to salespeople, we made our then corporate colour also red.

Perhaps I now know why red was the colour.

What this Telegraph article did remind me of though, was that the use of colour is shockingly under done.

Most sales documents are monochrome. Arial font, line of text after line of text. Most people pop in bullet points to break it up a touch. Maybe even the odd table. But what about splashing the colour?

Make your docs distinctive.

How about thinking up a presentation slide you’d have done on a particular subject. Craft it in portrait and pop it in. And if your audience is male, liberally apply the red…

Wonder what the fave female colour is? I can see the answers now… Pink. Gold. Money. 🙂

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