Many an ailment can cause our selling endeavours distress.

There is though a specific condition which can horribly pockmark our selling.

One fiendishly difficult to spot. Let alone stop.

It is the extent to which you genuinely demonstrate you understand the buyer's viewpoint.

Everybody talks about sitting on the same side of the table as our potential client.

To do so ought be a theme that courses through, oozes out, shines so bright from every interaction between you and prospect.

Yet how many a seller truly does so?

My contention may startle you; more don't than do.

There are a few hidden-in-plain sight giveaways.

Want to judge if you're on the wrong side of the ledger? Gauge these alarms.

Write down each specific, stated, sized up 'need' of your prospect. How many gaps remain?

Take your recent slidedeck shown. Assign each slide as being about 'you' or 'them'. Which type tallies more?

Look at when you've made a request of them. Was the direction of any more from your motives push, or for their drivers pull?

That's just three to be getting on with.

As you'd likely guess, buyers do not tend to respond well to a salesperson that's all me-me-me.

If you fall down this hole, then acknowledging so is the major first step.

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