Self-Fulfilling Recession Prophecy

Even when we were merely suffering a credit crunch, I heard chatters of salesreps, all doom and gloom.  Now we’re officially at the start of a ‘big slump’, disheartened shrugs have turned to despairing wails in some such quarters.  Maybe it is after all, the ‘British disease’ of pessimism, dragging winners down and only being happy when we’re miserable.  But I don’t ever want to be like that.

Such traits fill me with rancour.  So when I saw the headline of an article (strangely off-topic, about the imperilled environment) entitled “If we behave as if it’s too late, then our prophecy is bound to come true” I couldn’t help but think that there are reps around that could certainly benefit from a shake up from that thought.

The truth is, it is never too late.  You’ll never hit your number this year?  I see.  How will you at least try?  What number can you reach?  What activity would still make you a winner?

Surely, if you can just go against the grain of your negative thoughts, then you can at least salvage some pride, commission and success from these tough times?

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