Selling Your Security

Offer your prospects great peace of mind?

Got a new security feature?

Can they lock away a problem and keep it in its box?

There’s all manner of metaphors for the humble padlock.

I was happily reminded about this by the latest round of Apple tv ads.

Whatever they were pitching didn’t really matter.

What their animation climax showed was enough.

The well-known ‘apple’ logo appeared, without its accompanying leaf.

Then the fruit became the padlock body.

A shackle appeared above it, in the open position.

It then swung into place, and clicked shut into the apple.

Finally morphing into the traditional pointing leaf.

Above, I rustled up quickly a version with two snapshots of my own logo.

Left, open. Right, closed and locked tight shut.

I used their design device of placing a gap between logo/padlock body and shank.

But you could save yourself time by losing that touch.

I used Powerpoint’s ‘block arc’ shape for the shackle.

Given longer, I could have improved it I’m sure.

Almost any shaped logo could lend itself to this treatment.

If your prospect appreciates anything that needs to be kept safe, then you’ve now a new way to help them remember that you can duly do so for them.

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