Service Fruitful Cost

Sixty seconds of mid-Twentieth Century word-of-mouth testimonial thinking.

Yes. So much easier when dealing with a top-of-the-range, most expensive yet hugely admired, luxury good.

I saw this online the same day the big boss of a large hospitality venue recounted to me how they'd just switched one of their suppliers.

After one-too-many a delivery mix-up, confounded by an incorrect and obstructive paper trail to remedy, enough was enough.

Yet it seemed the difference between the cancelled incumbent and the newly appointed vendor was the approach to service. Even though both dealt in a notoriously tight, margin challenged sector, the old had only office based staff, whereas the new had someone roaming out and about.

Not even fully fledged 'account management'. Although chatting among other clients it did seem some repping type drop-ins did occur.

Whilst clearly not like a 'Lambo', the personal touch was also attractive.

Commentors on the above clip were quick to mock how today's super-car makers have fallen from such ideals. 'Service' now seen as a separate cost centre and revenue generator in its own right, ready to milk the customer evermore.

One label though, did catch my eye; Growth Marketing. The deliberate cultivation of ambassadors for your brand from within your paying client base.

High performance sports car owners are likely to mix in circles including those who want to join the club. In the same way those running venues speak with each other. And by the same token, think who those paying you today are likely to talk to that may well be able to do likewise tomorrow. If they hear how wonderful you are...

I remember how in my salesteam knowledge management app days, our turning up to internal meetings (especially SKOs/Quarterlies, training days & new product launches) felt so worthwhile in this regard. Longer customer lifetimes as well as happier clients.

Then during normal daily business, always asking how the system was being used, with what success and where the next improvements could be.

Most services today will have some kind of ticketing system. You get a number. Then at some point the case will be closed. Which one of the five smileys do you click?

I sense many of us have become so conditioned to the tech, we've forgotten the personal touch.

Even trying their phone to say 'hi' can reap dividends. Make sure they are actually sorted. Pick their brains. Say thank you.

Are you benefitting from such 'fruitful cost'?

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