Sham Russian Ballots

The nowadays unreliable, dubiously activist, bewilderingly Brit bashing NYT tweets above a commonplace site these past few days. At least on this issue, the US newspaper of record appear not yet captured.

Scenes from the S West Ukraine provinces fake referendum polling stations abound. Russian flags, disinformation posters and armed militia surround voting booths.

You gotta kinda hand it to Putin. Can't organise the proverbial bacchanalia in a facility producing alcoholic beverages. Let alone equip, re-supply and direct a fighting force in an illegitimate invasion. Yet can conjure from nowhere a plebiscite replete with all the personnel, propaganda and paraphernalia required of a rigged annexation poll.

The sinister video clips of armed Chechen mercenaries knocking on doors forcing residents to 'vote' truly shocking.

We already know the result.

A blatant crime. Add it to the long list. Now you do fear that for all the Free World's defiance and resolve, fossil fuel taps will turn off, a long winter of stagnation awaits, and fatigue could turn to devastating appeasement.

If any political change hastens as a consequence, it may merely be with an even more terrifying deluded madman at the Moscow helm. Imagine a world where Putin is the lesser of two evils. Yikes.

How do you think the environment for in-person voting by the buying group on our bids looks?

Have you seen it? Has your competition?

And what of the ballot paper itself?

Is there one? Who drew it up? What format is it (and/or its accompanying papers) in?

This reminded me of my many blogs along such lines down the years. Such as 2015 Greece.

There are also countless pics of the Russian ballot paper itself.

In a situation where there's a decision-making unit meeting to agree a way ahead, we may be up against a competitive bid with another vendor, alternative direction or the status quo.

In either case, those seeing us as their way forward will have some idea - preferably pretty firm - as to where our proposal swings it for the others.

You submitted the formal Proposal document. Spun plates whilst juggling flaming torches and pulling the cutest of bunnies from hats at the Big Presentation. Now the formal stamp rubberly awaits.

Have you prepped a doc for it?

Singular in scope.

It could be the killer graphic. Data, chart, diagram. An image perhaps.

I wonder if a voting paper mock-up might also be worthy?

It is not our way versus a referenced competitor. But what we uniquely set in train.

It oughtn't take up too much time to create. And must be done in conjunction with your prime supporter. Yet if you want your clincher to be brought to bear in that meet when you're not there, why not try an extra way for your influence to bear?

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