Shun Disdain With Which Internet Marketing "Gurus" View Prospects

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Here’s a sample of ‘sales’ ‘training’ I came across after reading an exposé of the ‘internet marketing’ industry. The article’s sign-off quote was as mild an entry-level outrage as it got;

“A few people may be sort of succeeding, but for the most part the internet marketing industry is selling little more than dreams”

That analyst has a website. It gleefully uncovers what he terms the “scammers”. That’s pretty much everyone in the sector to him. (Be prepared, the Salty Droid’s language is often fruity, yet gripping).

His savaging views on Tony Robbins and friends (part of who I now know call themselves The Syndicate) pushed a wide open door with me. Drawn in, I found one particular clip from ‘insider’, Frank Kern. It shows how the ‘gurus’ themselves judge their own ‘best-practice’ selling. It is frightening.

MB + P + LSESC = $

Magic Bullet, I can give you what you crave quickly and easily with no effort your side

Proof, look at all my amazing testimonials, plenty in ‘proper’ print and even some on video

Low Self-Esteem Success Chance, well … read on … for those without youtube access, here’s the roughly 170-word transcript;

“The low self-esteem success chance is the conclusion that you want your prospect to have which says, “well, these guys are smart and I’m retarded”.

Actually that’s not the exact one, but let’s say have that as conclusion ‘a’.

“These guys are smart, I’m retarded. I can’t do it. But if I can just do one-tenth as much as they do…. Then this would definitely be worthy it.” Right?

You ever had that rationalisation in your mind? Like, while I’m over here about doing ten million dollars and whatever a day, you know. Three-hundred and sixty grand in nine minutes and all that kind of stuff.

I mean, you ever think to yourself, “Jesus, if I could just do a little bit of that I would be stoked”.

Not to say you guys all have low self-esteem although every single person in the world does.

Which you should be happy about that because you can pray on it like an evil… [makes monster body shape]. Never mind, oh, anyway… So that’s what you want, right.”

So in summary, to succeed you want your potential clients to feel that they are “retarded”. And you must ‘pray” on them “like an evil” monster…’

Whilst this snippet may lack context or examples, it is unquestionably deeply troubling.

This is not how to sell. Not in my book. Not anywhere near it. A complete absence of trust-building, win-win, sustainability, integrity… practically anything of ethical or mutually beneficial necessity is not only totally missing, it’s actively avoided.

Internet Marketing. So the “gurus” have it waxed.

I was reminded of the Louis Theroux hammering of the closely aligned American self-help industry, what with one such terrifying protagonist, “Sylver with a y”. At least they use dreamboards.

One (just one) problem is the language of any process is emblematic of the attitude that seeps through the entire behaviour.

Salespeople that search for ‘marks’ are clearly conmen.

To talk of retards, pray and evil sound alarm bells of the loudest decibels.

Whilst it is correct to identify a problem that you can resolve, and by association find those that face it, this must be a genuine one. ‘Get rich quick’ absolutely does not apply. Perhaps you could argue that those so chasing deserve what they get. Perhaps not.

Proof hugely helps the other party gain comfort. Again, it must be genuine proof though. Not the blindingly white toothed ramblings of a ‘pal’ awaiting the pyramid proceeds your ‘affiliate’ building brings.

And as for the treasure trove that is ‘low self-esteem success chance’, really. You should not hook aspirations to a fraction of what you may promise.

Finally, as most pitches appear to demand massive monies for ‘mentor’ programs, why both tie anyone in for such a ridiculously long time, whilst also avoiding any link between your results and their rewards?

In the scathing words of the earlier assessor;

“[they] can’t resist explaining to the people whose self-worth [they’re] destroying to make a sale how great a sales angle destroying self-worth can be”

There’s so much wrong with this. Yet through it all, you can see the light of the right path. I hope you do too.

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