🎶 Sing To Quincy Jones' Success Tunes

83-year old music legend Quincy Jones was back in London. For a Proms opera performance. Trying something new. As if groundbreaking with Count Basie, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson wasn’t enough already.

I caught a couple of his BBC interviews. My Sales ear pricked when early on, he uttered the well-known essential selling truth;

“[we’re given] two ears, one mouth; which means you’re supposed to listen more than you talk”

Then he revealed a mindset underpinning success. To paraphrase;

‘If you think about money and fame it never works. Think what moves you, gives you goosebumps. Anything else? It won’t work.’

Before finally sharing his experience in creating the right balance for what you do.

He asked of all instruments in the orchestra, which is the most over-powering?

‘the piccolo is most prominent, no-one can cover it up, its strata’s higher than anything else’

He added a cooking reference. Lemon takes over a recipe likewise.

His message was that you had to recognise what might eclipse all comers in order to manage it best.

A simple analogy to take to your typical deal flow here. From that smelliest of objection, to the most dazzling of uniques. Is such dominance ever good?

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