Sniff Out Destructive Double-Booking

Heard about some dubious practice that’d gone on in car parts wholesale that made me chuckle and gasp at the same time.  It goes without saying that if such shenanigans can go on in your place, close the loophole….

Re-Booking Tactic One:

Inside a branch, one fella was renowned for being an expert in one particular product range.  Another rep had a customer come in asking about this unusual area.  So, the lesser knowledgeable guy asked the first rep what to supply.  The advice was given and client went off with the desired parts, amounting to several hundred pounds.  Within an hour, the branch staff were surprised to see the ‘expert’ rep anxiously peeking out the window quite a bit.  Then, he sprang up, and chased to the counter.  This was highly irregular, as reps had a reputaiton for thinking counter sales beneath them.  The resultant “can I help you, sir?” was greeted with an explanation of somehow having the wrong parts for an unusual order.  “No problem,” said the ‘expert’ “I suggest these are the right ones, let me sort it out for you”.  And he preceeded to book back in and credit the first (huge) order, and issue a new order.  The first (cancelled) one was in his colleague’s name, the second, in his own…..

Re-Booking Tactic Two:

When internet ordering was in its infancy, orders placed began at a pace of less than a couple of dozen a day.  One rep cottoned on that if he got in first, he could find the orders, and in effect, attribute his personal codes to them – gaining commission for nothing.  He was rumbled when the boss came in half-six one morning, looked at the web-order tally, and noticed the number decrease on the screen before his very eyes, prompting a wander around the office…..

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