Soup Up Your Next Sales Meet The Detroit Way


Social enterprise Detroit Soup is spreading.

Anyone with an idea how to improve their community can pitch to a roomful of fellow residents.

4 different ideas (max), a 4-minute pitch each, and 4 questions (only) for every pitcher to field.

Then everyone present pays 4 quid (five dollars in American) for a bowl of (homemade) soup then votes. The winner takes the total pot to get cracking.

Many beaming participants tell a string of warm tales. Homeless clothing, bus stop books, home repossession help. All began by Detroit.

You may well work for a company that has its own CSI (corporate social initiative) programme.

For your next internal sales meeting, why not switch that ‘s’ for ‘selling’. You may even have a soup – or delegate provided alternative – feed option.

You can ask whoever has one, to pitch their idea to improve the sales effort. Same constraints apply.

You can ask a certain number to pitch a specific different product. Their colleagues playing prospects. Mix up the rules. 2 minute pitch, 2 questions. Vote a winner. Share the best-practice.

Remember that anointing a ‘winner’ means handling ‘losers’. Have a plan.

Then put in place what won.

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