Like canvassing, but via spam. Another in my occasional series by highlighting rubbish that finds its way past my inbox filters.

Hello [my first name]

I hope all is well at [my company name].

Here’s the follow up link to that email I sent you a week or so ago: [her website]. It’s an example of our [standard product description]…

If you need pricing info, just let me know.


PS. We produced a special [product demo] called ROI. It shows how you can turn today’s economic challenges into huge benefits. Please take a look: [url].

Where do I start?

Maybe I’ll just take her up on that kind offer of pricing, right? Wrong. Very wrong…

Well, I hope you are NOT sending this kind of tripe out yourself.

I’m often asked by sellers how they can word an intro email. And most times, they provide an example of what they think they’ll send out ‘soon’.

My current thoughts are that anything over two sentences is useless.

For me, it all starts with the problem that your target suspect is keen to resolve. If you can’t nail that, then abort.

To “turn today’s economic challenges into huge benefits” is so lame as to be consigned to the bin. Forever.

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