Spend Money Profitably

Here’s a delightful phrase I heard on Thursday.

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee were giving a VP of Google UK, Matt Brittin, a grilling. Nasty Google. They pay virtually no corporation tax in Britain. Perfectly legally, they perform all sorts of financial jiggery pokery, allegedly making super-charged licensing fees payable to elsewhere in the world. The result is, on billions of revenue, there’s no “profit”.

Political chest beating was getting nowhere. Of course. They’re not breaking any laws.

The “defendant” did though utter one useful phrase. He was explaining the appeal of his services. He stated that he wanted to encourage his customers to;

spend money profitably

I recalled, six years ago now, when I also learned a new addition to my RoI lexicon (sell money at a discount).

His is a better phrase. It comes more from the customer viewpoint.

Even though their company mantra of Don’t Do Evil is a terrible – and possibly misleading – one, this piece of syntax is a winner. Use it with prospects and I’ve little doubt you’ll set yourself apart from any competition.

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