Spotting Selling Echophenomenon

Everyone knows that yawning is supposedly contagious, right? Even if I didn’t know its biology term; oscitation. “Supposedly” being the debate, despite some academics ‘supposedly’ proving it to be a real ‘thing’ this week.

Still, I was alert to finding that such unintentional responses are known as echophenomenon.

Similar to the type of involuntary physical micro-expression that give away your true feelings.

I instantly thought back to all the body language and (whisper it) NLP sessions I’ve seen go right in one ear and straight out the other of sales audiences.

Yet there is something in the unknowingly mirrored bodily signals.

Not every buyer can keep up their poker faced non-committal stance throughout each meet.

There are the little tricks the old pros drop to unveil just how onside the prospect really is. The jazz-handed arms in the air and lean-back. The theatrical pen throw-down and fold of arms. The signature semaphore style punchline move. When they get quickly copied in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it way, they hope they’ve a healthy toe in the door.

I’m not so much concerned with these ‘supposed’ psycho-shortcuts. More so, I’m interested in the echoing of our sales process and elements within it. These are the real diviners of future dotted line success.

When you ask for some info, how is it presented? When you suggest an agenda, how do they suggest amendments? When you elicit a piece of documentation, how do they respond?

And perhaps most crucially, when you put forward a timeline, what level of collaborative examination of it occurs?

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